Stations Party Menu



Station Options- Approximately 2 hours of service


Pretzel Bar- House made soft pretzels with your choice of 4 sauces $4.00/person

Mini Taco Bar- Pre made mini tacos setup for guests to just grab and enjoy- your choice of chicken, beef or fish


Italian Station- Mixed bruschetta choices, Cured meats and deluxe cheeses with pickled vegetables, assorted olives and local spreads and jams $5.50/person

Nacho Station- Corn tortilla chips with Medium salsa, Mango salsa, black bean and corn salsa and Creamy white queso $2.75/person

Salad Station- Pre-assembled mini salads in easy to grab displayed containers for guests to walk and eat- your choice of 2 different salads $3.75/person

Mini’s Station- A station filled with everything mini! Miniature lobster rolls, Miniature Spinach and Artichoke tarts, Miniature chicken and waffles, Miniature Beef Wellingtons, Miniature Crab Cakes $7.00/person

 Seafood Station- Shrimp cocktail, Sushi, Mini Lobster tarts, Crab cakes with remoulade, Scallop BLT’s $8/person

 Beef Station- Beef crostini with crumbled bleu and horseradish crème, Guinness or Red wine braised beef skewers served with gouda dipping sauce, Mini Beef Wellingtons with red wine mushroom sauce, Red wine braised beef crostini topped with goat cheese and red wine soaked cherries $6/person

Basic Crudités Station- Assorted local fruit, vegetables and cheeses $4/person

 Mini Sandwich Station- Ham and cheddar or pretzel rolls, Caprese on Ciabatta, Egg salad on white roll, cucumber and chive sandwich on pumpernickel, Chicken salad on mini croissants $5/person

Chicken or Pork Dinner Station– $5/person with your choice of 2 varities

Pasta Station– $5/person your choice of 2 noodles and 3 Sauces


Add tax and 18% gratuity to final bill. Please let us know of any allergy restrictions prior to event. $300 deposit required at time of booking.